Jeannie Skiffington

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"Winning is not what the world gives you, it's what you give yourself."

Jeannie has lived and mastered her areas of expertise. Her delivery is direct-hit motivation with step-by-step ideas for positive results every time. Why struggle more than you have to? Learning the hard way just got easier. More than 1,000 programs delivered to rave reviews. She is entertainment with a power-packed message and a true “Motive-Action-al Speaker."


Sales * Direct Selling * Customer Service * Communication * Team Building * Supervision/Leadership * Time Management * Organization * Change *

Stress Management 

Here are some You Tube videos to preview Jeannie - each is just a minute or two long.

Programs are customized to your organization.


Founded Amherst Motivational Services, Buffalo, New York in 1990

  • Since 1995 has traveled extensively to hundreds of US cities specializing in corporate training to Fortune 1,000 companies. Since 1992 has delivered hundreds of programs training thousands of direct sales people for direct selling party plan companies.
  • High impact programs delivered in a humorous, enthusiastic, and inspiring way to create awareness, motivation, action, and immediate measurable results for participants.
  • Rave reviews from audiences everywhere calling it an unforgettable experience.

Diverse Experience

  • Over 30 years of award-winning sales, marketing, and management experience provide a high level of understanding, insight, new ideas, and dynamic delivery that offers something for everyone in the audience.


  • Highly effective in bringing out the best in people by providing innovative ideas with step-by-step tips and techniques for immediate and simple application.


Jeannie Skiffington began her speaking career in 1990 after an award-winning career in sales, marketing, and executive management in the direct selling industry. Jeannie captures and delivers the winner thinking she developed during her personal and professional success. Her home-grown wisdom and winning philosophy bring out the winner in everyone. Jeannie has written her book “Winning is Contagious: Pass It On” which contains 101 Practical Lessons To Help You Win At the Game Of Life. She helps people build their own unique success story by developing a proactive high achiever mentality.